Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Double Uploads for 20 days Debt

Well i have been away for quite awhile, and i didnt upload the pictures for some time. So to pay up for the previous days ill upload 2 per day so i can catch up with the timeline. 
Oh yea one more thing. Notice that i have been getting lazy to write the description for most of the pictures? yea i dont really know what to write. Maybe i should write more..HMM i dont know. lol 

Day 33 - Duit Raya Hunter

During raya season you will find this hordes of kids swarming your house waiting for duit raya

Day 32 - Spicy Origin 2

I look Goooooood :D 

Day 31 - Spicy Origin

Well to tell the truth im not a hindustan film fan but i love the way they tell the story. With the harmony dance and songs , and the fun actions , it reminds me of the good old time. hahah

Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 30 - Kung Fu Fighting

Well first of all im sorry that i havent been that active lately. Was busy doing stuff and raya was hectic , going to places , internet connection went down and so on. Ill promise ill upload more pictures soon. :)