Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 28 - Phantom

Art has a double face, of expression and illusion, just like science has a double face, the reality of error and the phantom of truth.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 27 - Discipline Teacher



Well basically this is my memory of the discipline teacher in my school...

Day 26 - Trans


Ok this is by far the most weird picture that i have ever taken. Like seriously i was loling the whole time i do this. Anyway thanks to Matsuo/Fit and Christ for helping me with photography and Carol for being an awesome makeup artist. LOL . <.< im gonna update the next picture as fast as possible so i can cover this one up XD

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 25 - Ninja


"The way of the Sword is nothing when it is bind with Darkness."

Oh well for today im gonna be the ninja . You know what Ninja is dont you? Ninja was a covert agent or mercenaries of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war.  

They are specialize in Sobotage ,Espionage , Infiltration and the most popular , Assassination.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

1001 Previous Upload

Day 1 - Normal 

This is my normal self , not much to say bout it i guess. =) this photo was taken on 2nd of August.

Day 2 - Sloppy

Rawr im Sloppy the sleepy assassin! I can kill you with paper! Anyway this is also how i look normally. I kinda wear something like this to class everyday . 

Day 3- Need Nerdy

Seriously nerd fashion is always the coolest!

Day 4 - Smiley Man

Yes Smiley Man! The Hero that you have been waiting for! The one that will put a smile to ur face! Anyway for those who don't know who smiley man is , you can check out this video :) >

Day 5 - Construction Worker

uh...they build your house?

Day 6 - Retarded Bunny

The bunny that u imagine in wonderland doesnt exist. But the retarded bunny that bug u does.

Day 7 - Casual

Casual casual casual day.

Day 8 - The Red Ranger

dont you want to be a retarded guy with a stupid costume walking around town?

Day 9 - Back to School

Miss the old school. Miss my friends. Miss my teachers. If only i could turn back time...


miss you all so much

Day 10 - Wellow

Okay ...Hand over your money or ill tickle you!!

Day 11 -  Tourist

The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people's reality, and eventually in one's own.

Day 12 - Friday 13th

Don't run , i am your friend....

Day 13 - KRS Uniform Squad

I dont know bout you guys ,but i miss those days....ALOT. D: would it be possible to turn back time for just one day?

Day 14 - Sunday Shower

No Dont PEEP!

Day 15 - Salary Man

Work + Sleep + Spend = Life

Day 16 - Casual Formal

What does it mean?!

Day 17 - Im from the "Dark Academy"

And this is how the student of that Academy looks like :p

Day 18 - Along ( Loan Shark )

Lu mana tara syok!?

Along one type of Loan shark in Malaysia. Famous for their brutal ways of beating up people who cant pay their debts. The word "Lu mana tara syok?" in direct translation means " Where don't you feel good?" was actually suppose to mean "Why the heck are u looking at me!?" or "F*** off" in their language.

Day 19 - Sylie

Picture Request by Muzakir Xynll

Sylie is a fictional character that was supposed to be a ghost.She was made up by Zali & Afiq and was adopted by Phantasy Seed Team as their mascot.

Sylie's Story:

Some called her a witch some called her the blood sucker or some might even refer her to the infamous Pontianak a.k.a vampire. But in truth she is some sort of a Banshee that lives in a huge walking ghost called the Screamer.

After spotting their prey , the screamer will scream and Sylie will burst out of the screamers stomach and catapult her self towards the victim. Once the victim is down and maimed by Sylie, the screamer will then devour him/her.

Day 20 -Snow Conscript 

The Expert in the Snow Guerrilla Warfare.

Day 21 - Abuse Victim

The poor kid who lives on the end of the block.

Day 22 - Hardcore Metal

Tonight the show is cancled

Day 23 - Play Dead

Picture Request by Afiq Shaid

Inspired from a real person who his hobby is playing dead. Weird but true. Link to his website>

Day 24 - Pillow Man

Pillow man feels that the chair is taking all his glory and restricting him from fame. In rage, he picked up the stool and destroyed it.

1001 Zali Blog

Hello , im Zali . Im 21 and i dont figgin know how to write a simple blog.
 Seriously i have been writing for quite awhile now and couldnt find a better word to describe what the hell that im doing right here.

 Oh well ill just scribble some stuff then. Im the type of guy that some of you might refer to weirdo or freaks but who the heck cares , i love being myself. I love to do crazy and weird stuff .

 By the way this blog is dedicated to my personal project "1001 Zali" , or in another word 1001 faces of me. Im doing this as a Self Project to motivate myself and practice my creativity skills (i guess)

My plan is to upload 1001 pictures of me with different theme everyday. I am open for picture request and constructive comments on my work. Thanks :D i hope you enjoy my work.